Monday, April 5, 2010

We need your votes again please :)

I am so late with this....ugh! I cannot find enough time during the day to get everything done and I am starting to feel some major stress! I have been able to catch up on posts and DT stuff, etc. online at work, but now we are getting super busy and I am a one woman show, so....I have found myself behind. I promise to find a better balance. Sometimes it just takes a week or 2 for me to find the balance and adjust. No biggie ;) Hoping that you can hang in there with me :)

Great news...The Lollipop Guild made it through the first round!!! YAHOO!!! Way to go Lesley!!! That was one "totally awesome" card GF!!!! Now, Tracey is up and we have got another HOT one on our hands!!!! Thank you to all who helped us by voting the first round :) We still need help to move on though! Can we count on you again? You ROCK my friends!!!! This week's challenge was to create an easel card. Here are the details and a link straight to Tracey's card for The Lollipop Guild:

Tracey's AMAZING card:

Amazingly cute isn't it??? Awesome job Trace!!!! Now I will be up next round if we are blessed to remain in the competition. I am soooooo nervous!!!!! Thank you again for hanging in there with us!


Amy said...

Voted for the Guild!! LOVED Tracey's card!! I hope you guys make it through!! Big hugs Pryn!

I will hang in there with you chica, I have to re-balance all the time, so don't fret! Relax, breathe, and let the little things go, remember home life is FAR more important than cyber world! And if it is one or the other, always pick home!! That's what I do and if something gets away from me, I just let it go! It's never the end of the world really :)

MiamiKel said...

(((( Pryn ))))) Hang in there, darling! Sometimes we have to take a step back, breath a little and step back in :) Your card is amazing - I didn't know you girls were playing the Royal Battle (I'm not, just blurfing,lol) and will look for you at voting time :) Hugs!

Pryn said...

Thanks Amy and Kel!!! You girls are the bestest!!!!

Kel...this was Tracey's card...she rocked it didn't she???

ThePurplePlace said...


I'll be VERY happy to vote for you!!

I HOPE you WIN and I hope you have some time to "catch up" with life and enjoy!!


PS: Your new picture is're a beauty!! :)

ThePurplePlace said...

OOPS! I realized AFTER that the card is Tracey's...but I'll still be HAPPY to vote!! :)

A Cards Delight said...

(((Pryn))) Tracey's card is super great and awesome! Like everyone else said deep breath and let it out slowly! Amy gave you the best advice and you should listen to her. I will need you big time once the fb season starts again so you need to take care of YOU!

A Cards Delight said...

I am on my way to join and vote for yins!

Jennifer Pellegrino said...

How did I not click Follow? I'm with ya now girly! I love this pic! Vote? I need to go read up now be back!