Wednesday, May 25, 2011

9 years today...

I married my best friend....sounds cliche, I know....but, it is true. Our wedding anniversary and my grandmother's birthday. Rest in peace Mommy is there to light those candles for you again. My mom always made a big deal about our anniversary, so today will be bittersweet. I apologize to seems that every road leads back to her right now...which is why I have been trying to be as not to spread my pain to others...please do not get me wrong...I have TONS of wonderful, loving memories...I guess that is why it hurts so bad...because she loved me and I loved her so much that the void without her is nearly unbearable...she taught me to always be pleasant and respectful towards others...I do try to keep that in mind each day that I put one foot in front of the only I can figure out how to stop my hand from putting food into my mouth...emotional eater...yep...that is me...instead of crying, I shove food in my mouth...I have heard from many of my friends that this has happened to them as well after the loss of a loved did you break the cycle? I would rather spend money on stamping supplies than new clothes....KWIM? Any suggestions or ideas are welcomed....apparently placing a lock on the refrigerator is not a sufficient solution when there is another person in the house who needs to eat ;) Ahhh....always so off track anymore...I just want to say thank you to those who share their thoughts, experiences and encouragement with truly are angels and have helped me soooo much. I truthfully do not know what I would do without you all...I am blessed :) I pray for each of you EVERY day. You are ALL amazing and deserve the BEST that life offers and I have faith that God will bless you in wonderful ways. Giant hugs and love to all!!!!

"Wild About You":

Supplies Used:
Card: DCWV Textured
Cardstock: Unknown (using up scraps)
Ink: Versamagic Dew Drops - Midnight Black (Tsukineko); Archival Jet Black (Ranger)
Stamps: KI Memories "Crazy Love" set; Bo Bunny
Rhinestone: Darice
Alpha Stickers: Making Memories
Other: Pop Dots

Happy Half-Way to Friday Day!!! Whoo hoo!!! A loooong weekend ahead....I am going to try to create honor of my lovely friends....have I told you how much I love you??? I LOVE YOU!!!! <3

Happy Anniversary to my amazingly handsome husband, Mike....I love and adore you Hunnie Bee!!!!


Trina said...

Happy anniversary! I hope it turns into a fabulous day!

While I'm sure the pain from losing your mom will last a while, I want to encourage you to live a life that would make her happy. You have to grieve and try to heal from the loss of such a big piece of yourself. But, from things you've said about her, I can tell she wouldn't want you to be sad, confused, or out of a wardrobe right now... Big ol bear hugs to you, hon!

Celebrate your momentous occasion with the same energy your mom would have!

Brenda said...

Great card Pryn. I love to come and hear the love of a daughter of her mother. Maybe, keep blogging it. We are here to listen and maybe if you continue to lay your thoughts out it will keep you from the fridge! ;) and if it doesn't then that is OK too. (another emotional eater here.)
My thoughts and prayers are with you Pryn. Have a good anniversary with your husband. Anniversary's are very special. You are very special. love and hugs, Bren

{Sarah} said...

How awesome!!! Happy Anniversary!!

Dana said...

Happy Anniversary!! So glad Mike is there for you! I wish I could give you advise on emotional eating. I am still trying to lose the baby fat I gained during my last pregnancy, problem is.. the baby is 20!!
luv ya!!

Colleen Holmes said...

Happy Belated anniversary sweetie! I hope you and Mike had an awesome bittersweet day together and did something fun! I love reading your stories of your feelings so don't stop because you think you are pulling everyone down. You are pulling us up to see how much love there is between a mother and daughter. Try writing about all the shenanigans you two have done over the years! I am sure there are lots of hoots! Hugz, Colleen

Clare said...

Pryn, I've seen all your other posts and have been watching the blog, but I didn't want to comment until now because, well, I didn't want to be intrusive or anything. I have no idea of what you're going through, being 17 and not really touched with this kind of sadness in my life yet, so I didn't want to post something unfeeling that would make you even sadder.

However, I had to comment now to let you know that if you EVER need ANYTHING, please please let me know!! You are, hands down, one of the most awesome, loving, caring people I've ever 'met'!
LOVE YOU, big sistah!!!! :) I am praying for you, and you are in my thoughts often!


Lori Barnett said...

First off (((((hugs))))) Happy Anniversary! This is my birthday as well :) Lot's of special going on this day! hubby's name is Mike. LOL! I would like to say something. You will see your momma (and grandma) again. They are not gone...they are somewhere wonderful and one day you will join them. Try to think about what your mom would be telling you right now in this situation. I bet you know exactly what she would tell you. Try to remember that often. When reaching for food...ask your mom if you should eat it ;) The answers are your heart...where she is.