Friday, May 9, 2008

Another rainy day....

It is pouring down rain outside right now. I feel bad for anyone waiting for a bus or the T. There is nowhere to hide from getting soaked. Thankfully I arrived at work before it really started. A blessing for starting at 5:30am, I guess. It's great coffee weather, so support your local area espresso bars :)

So, mother's day is this Sunday. What are you doing for the mom's in your life? I wanted to take my mom to the Butterfly Forest at Phipps Conservatory, but I don't think she wants to do that. She wants to go to the zoo. I hear that mom's are free admission Mother's Day. I think they are calling for rain, so we will have to see. There are few smells that are worse than wet animal urine. Gross!

In the spirit of Mother's Day, I thought I would write a little about what my mom means to me. I don't know if will ever be able to completely cover it, but I'm going to give it a try. A little bit of a background for you first. I am an only child raised by a single parent. I have watched my mom sacrifice so much for me. Working double shifts, overtime, whatever she had to do, and yet, she still rearranged her schedules to make it to my school functions...concerts, plays, games, swim meets, name it she was there. She was and always is there. Still. Anytime I need her, or I think I don't need her (lol), she always comes through. She has taught me so much in life. How to be kind, compassionate, considerate, thankful, respectful, loving, strong, independent. She is both parents to me. She taught me how to catch, helped me with my homework, taught me to ride a bike....literally almost everything I know, I learned from my mother. Sure, I learned a few things from other people in my life, but the heart of my true being is from her. The greatest gift I have ever received. I have always said that I thank God every day that he picked her to be my mom. There is no other fit out there for me. She is part of my soul. The very part that I love so much. The part that I can't imagine being without. She truly makes me a whole person. Now, there are things I would like to change about myself, but I wouldn't change any of my core values because they come from her. I am who I am today because she had the courage and strength to raise a little girl all by herself. Not caring what anyone would say or think. We did have some down times while I was growing up, but not once did I wish to grown up being like anyone else but her. To say I love her doesn't even describe how I feel. There has got to be a better word to describe it. It is much more than that. She has taught me how to love myself even in the wake of the catastrophes that I have caused myself. She has also taught me to overcome adversity and to do it with dignity. She is completely incredible. A superhero, no doubt. I am so proud of her and I am lucky that she is a part of me. I love you so much mommy! I wish you the best life has to offer. I would sacrifice anything that I have for you to be happy. I promise to always remember what you mean to me, not just on Mother's Day, but on every day of the year. Thank you for everything. I love you!

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