Sunday, September 27, 2009


Busy weekend. Went to a wedding yesterday (to my husband's complete dismay, I managed to sneak in a blog post before I left...probably the reason for the silence the first 10 minutes of the It was beautiful (what wedding is not?) and we had a nice time. Sort of like a homecoming dance for adults...ok, maybe a little different, but it was still a big-girl dress up event. Pictures? Tack up a big zero in that category. I had too much stuff in my hands on the way out the door (I had no one to help carry them because Mr. Patience was sitting in the car with the engine running), and I dropped my fully charged camera battery on the bed and didn't know it. So, I had the camera without a battery :( Bonus was that I had a second camera (come on...I can't be the only person that has 2 cameras with them right?) in my purse. The day was saved right? Wrong! The battery on that one was completely dead :( 0 for 2 at this point. Strike 3 was that no one else at our table had a camera. I will learn from my mistakes...I will learn from my mistakes...I will learn from my mistakes...I say out loud as I write it on the chalkboard....

Sunday in our house means football. Sad day today because we lost. Never thought we would be facing a must win situation going into week FOUR!!!! Ugh! Positive note is that we ended up going to watch it with some friends that we haven't seen for awhile. My husband made up for the 'I'm not talking to you because you made me wear a tie' attitude from yesterday by getting me a surprise birthday cake. Now my birthday isn't until Tuesday, but we always have a Steeler themed cake the game before my birthday. I am one of those crazy girls who loves that stuff. He actually had the cake be from my favorite doubt he has moved out of the dog ;) He never is in it for long as I am not one to expend excess energy being mad for days at a time.

Isn't it cute? I think it is 1/8 of a sheet cake. Just enough without any leftovers.

This is my first piece wish cake :)

Blogging will be spotty this week. Tuesday is my actual birthday so I will be going to dinner with Mike. Thursday is another dinner with family and Saturday is dinner with my mommy. I am going to be so behind on my ABC crop :( I will catch worries. I have some other never before posted cards that I can post to get me through :)

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