Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"13 Days Of Halloween"...Day 3

WARNING!!! These next few images may be extremely frightening. Proceed with ;)

Day 3 of the "13 Days of Halloween" we have Mummy Cupcakes! Mmmm.....I made these for a Halloween party that has a lot of kids that attend. I think more of the adults got to them first :)

Simple and easy to make. First, choose your favorite cupcake mix and bake according to instructions. While you are waiting for them to bake, you can tint your icing. I like to buy premade frosting, add a few drops of food coloring in and then whip it until it is smooth and creamy with my hand mixer. Always remember to start off with adding just a bit of food coloring. You can go back and add more if you are not satisified.

After you mix your frosting, you can start wrapping your mummies. I bought the neatest wooden craft sticks. They actually are in the shape of people! They are made by Darice (I purchased them at Pat Catan's). You will also need cheesecloth, clear drying craft glue and google eyes. Both are also available at the craft store. I opted for both the plain and the google eyes that have eyelids and lashes. They were just too cute that I couldn't resist :)

Back to wrapping....cut your cheesecloth into strips and start wrapping. Make sure not to cover the entire stick. You want to be able to stand them up in the cupcakes ;) I started at the top so that when I had a full mummy, I was able to tuck the end under and secure with some clear glue. Depending on how "plump" (for lack of better words) you would like your mummies, you may need to add a dab of glue here and there as you are wrapping.

Once your mummy is wrapped, just glue the google eyes on....but don't get too scared...these are only pretend mummies...remember? You can also tuck an eyeball under a layer of cheesecloth so that it is peeking out for a different look or just put one on...mix it up. Your mummies are now complete and are ready to add to your cupcakes once they are frosted.

I also added some filling in my cupcakes after they had cooled. Each cupcake that has orange frosting has a green frosting center, and vice versa. Remember that I whipped the icing with my hand mixer? This makes it easy for it to be used in my icing syringe. I just put the icing through the bottom of the cupcake (I did not bake the cupcakes in a liner. I added them to a liner once I placed the filling in). Then, you frost the cupcake, place in the liner and add your mummy stick. There may be an easier way to the process, but it is me and I normally am always going to a different beat than everyone else ;)

They are hard to transport due to the added height, but I just used a box wrapped in aluminum foil and it worked perfectly.

"Wrapped" and ready to go:

Some one eyed and lashed mummies:

Close up:

Hope you didn't get too scared ;) Tomorrow is Day 4 and I will be posting a cool way to display your treats...complete with tutorial!
Enjoy your "Over the Hump Day" Wednesday :)

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{Sarah} said...

Those mummy's are just RIDICULOUSLY adorable!!