Thursday, October 22, 2009

"13 Days of Halloween"...Day 4...

Looking for a way to present your Halloween candy? Try this little pouch! It is also great for other holidays and thinking of you gifts as well.

It's rather simple and very quick to make. Gotta love those no-hassle projects :)

First you need a sheet of 12x12 paper. Double sided looks best and you may want to stay away from the super heavyweight paper. It sometimes makes crinkle/crack marks when you fold it (speaking from experience here).

Steps to make these pouches:

Step 1: Fold paper in half to make a large triangle, matching corner to corner. I like to use a bone folder to give it a nice crisp fold line.

Step 2: With your paper still folded, diagonally in half, with the top point facing away from you (pointing upwards). Take one of the side corners and fold it to the middle of the opposite side. The point should be at the edge, not hanging over.

Step 3: Leaving the newly folded side in place, repeat step 2 with the other side of the triangle. Reinforce folds with a bone folder.

Step 4: Take the middle corner and fold one layer down only. This will expose the other pattern on your double-sided paper.

Step 5: Now you can embellish your treat pouch. I used a stamped image that I cut out and inked on the sample. You could use flowers, crystals, stickers, felt shapes....etc.

Step 6: Using a hole punch, punch a hole in just inside the pouch on each side (make sure to use the backside on the pouch. The backside is the side that was not folded down).

Step 7: Measure your ribbon according to how long you want your pouch to hang. Knot one end and thread it through the hole from the inside of the pouch to the back side of the pouch, coming up through the the second hole towards the front of the pouch. Knot this end as well.

Step 8: Fill with candy, a rolled up T-Shirt, scrapbook supplies....whatever you choose.

You could definitely make quite a few of these in one evening. Especially once you finalized your initial design. The conclusion is these treat pouches are great for planned projects or spur of the moment ones :) The hardest thing about this was to not eat all of the candy ;) Who can say no to a Snickers Bar? My actual favorite candy treat is M&M's. Care to share your favorite candy treat? Add your comment and let's compare :)

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{Sarah} said...

Ooooh that is cool! And pretty universal too (like for xmas gifts for the neighbors, etc.)... love it!

I guess we can call it even ;) For the record, I was a really good sport about it and cheered for them during the cup presentation... my DH... not so much! =)