Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"13 Days of Halloween"...Day 9...

The greatest thing happened....I found use for an old product that I have had for YEARS!!!!! Embarrassingly enough, I believe it had never been used before (insert emotions of shock and disbelief). Such a good feeling when that happens don't cha think?

What is the product you ask? Why it's my Coluzzle box template! Whoo hoo! I know there were always mixed feelings on the Coluzzle cutting system, but I always loved it. I have a ton of templates and I feel the love being reborn. Remember....Coluzzle was the best solution to in home alphabet die cuts back in tha day. Yes, that's right....B.C. Which means, of course, Before Cricut. There were days before the Cricut you little Bug-a-holics (myself included). Don't forget your roots....where you came from...you get what I'm sayin'? If you still have products like this at home...old school tools we'll call them....I challenge you to dust them off (or in some cases....open the packaging...lol) and use them for a project or card...if you dare...mwahhh, ahhh, ahhh (I'm getting better with the sinister laugh thing huh?). Link them in the comment box...I promise to check them out and leave comments. I LOVE TO MEET NEW BLOGGING FRIENDS! I mean what fun is it if you have no one reading, right? Whew! Call me Crusade Girl today ;)

Boo Treat Box with Handle:

SUPER quick and easy! You can bang out an entire classroom of these for the kiddos. Decorate them in different monsters and such. I have a Frankenstein one that I will be posting in a couple of days that is just too cute!

Supplies Used:
Cardstock: Colormates (If you line up correctly, you can get 1 box per 1 sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 paper)
Other: Oval Template (another oldie dusted off for the eyes and mouth); Coluzzle box template

that's it...short time, short supply list, fast treat box :)

Happy Haunting ;)

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