Monday, October 26, 2009

"13 Days of Halloween"...Day 8...

We love to print titles and journaling from our computer every now and then. The reasons may include you hate your handwriting, you needed to fit a lot of journaling into a small space, you wanted your card to look more professional....whatever the reasoning may be, we cannot deny the fact that we are addicted to type. I have decided for Day 8 that I will help feed that addiction by sharing a Top Ten list with you. 'Top Ten what', you ask? A TOP TEN of SPOOKIEST FREE FONTS!

Here we go....fingers crossed the links work:

How to Download Fonts:
1. Download the font to a known location. I always save to desktop because I know I can find it fast and easily.
2. If the file is zipped, then unzip it extracting all files. Most computers have an extraction wizard program installed where you simply just follow the prompts.
3. Go to control panel --> Folders -->Fonts.
4. Click on File menu on the top left, and select install new fonts.
Now on my computer I have to click on Folder C:\\ and then the Documents and Setting Folder. Then, I have to click on my owner folder. I don't know if you will have to do all of this, but just in case you do, I though I'd mention it.
5. Since I saved the font to my desktop, I would then click on that folder. All files that did not have to be originally unzipped should appear in the 'list of fonts'. As for the fonts that did have to be unzipped, you have an additional step and will have to click on a folder by the font name.
6. Select the font, and click on the ok button. If you have multiple fonts that appear in 'list of fonts', then you can click Select All -->ok.

The fonts are now installed and ready to use. You can also delete those files from your desktop once they are installed.

Hopefully this all made sense...I am so clogged up that I think my brain is clogged as :) Now, break out those Halloween photos and pick a it (my attempt at an evil sinister laugh)!

Happy Monday to you!


Anonymous said...

Download free scary/horror (Halloween special) fonts at

Angie said...

Hi Kelly, I can never download these properly, all I ever get is a list of the alpha but never the font. I am still learning these new to me things. Thanks so much for your kind words, I love wescrap and have been on the website from the beginning, it is home to me. The site is Simply Scrapping,
I am hoping to make a mark there and teach all I know to the ladies. I am excited and will let you know once it is official. Thanks again, you are always so supportive of me a true friend. love ya Ang.

{Sarah} said...

Oh cute (and fun idea for your Days of Halloween)!!! #1 and #2 were my fav! I LOOOOOVE fonts!!