Saturday, November 14, 2009


One of the best birthday presents to the Notre Dame/Pitt game. Not just any box seats...right above the student section. Now, before I go on, a little background....I am a home team girl all the way....except when it comes to Notre Dame. I love Notre Dame...there, I said it....I love the's a family thing. That does not mean that I do not like Pitt. I do like Pitt...home team girl remember? This game was perfect because I was going home with a smile no matter what. It would have been bigger if the Irish pulled out the win, but, then again, it wouldn't have been because Pitt would have lost a Top Ten ranking. Pitt hasn't been this good in years....I do mean years people. So....yep...went home happy.

Of course I some pics to share. Some of them are not great quality, but I am sharing them anyway. I meant to take pics of everything, but I was so excited that I feared for the well being of my camera. Poor camera already suffered a scratch on the viewfinder courtesy of a sand trap...I am a "beach golfer" as I like to call it (translation = one who is always in the sand). I wanted to spare it any further trauma :)

Pic from our seats: The weather was GORGEOUS! Kick off was at 8:00pm at Heinz Field in November and I didn't have my coat on!!!!!!

Our section had its own bathrooms (that we didn't have to share with the rest of the stadium, only with the others in the club. We had access to, wine, mixed drinks...while the rest of the stadium was dry. The fun doesn't end there....we had our own chef! Serving a limited menu, but still exciting :) There was also a private stand with all of the regular standard game items too. This whole area was enclosed in glass, so if it were cold you could stay inside with the flat screen TV's. Like I said....AMAZING! There are 4 club boxes around the field, but I thought the one we were in was the best because we could feed off of the contagious energy that was coming from the students.

Deliriously happy....both of the same time :)

I am fascinated with trying to get a golden helmet shot every Irish game I go to. I do this with the ketchup bottles at Heinz Field too (Pitt also plays here), but the overhang cut off the top of the jumbo tron, so I had to miss this one.
To top the night off, this little lady was also at the game :) Different seats, but breathing the same air :) My mom went with my Aunt who texted us this pic during the game. I LOVE MY MOMMY!!!!! Mama's Girl over here and I don't care who knows it ;)
Hope you are having an awesome weekend as well my friends!!!!!

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