Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Date night? we are getting older and it wasn't so much night as it was late afternoon. No matter what time of day it was a date. No work, no cell phones, just me and Mike for 2 hours by ourselves at the movies. Seriously by our selves....there was not a single other being in the theater with us. It was great! When I didn't hear something I didn't have to poke him and give him my crinkled up confused face for him to lean over and whisper what just happened. Nope. All I had to do was ask...out was great! Of course I had to have popcorn. I chomped on that before the movie started and my blood sugar dropped (we have no idea why that happens, but EVERY time I have popcorn, my sugar level drops). We were prepared with the Fruit Punch, and leftover Skittles from Halloween in my purse. Have Skittle, will travel ;) So, I am soooo glad I decided to eat before the movie (we were early) because I was unable to do so during the movie. We went to see Saw VI. That's + gore = constant snuggling :)
You know I had my camera on hand and since there was no one there to think I was a goober (except my husband who already knows that I am) I snapped away.

YUMMY!!!!! An hour after the movie is when I craved the popcorn the most. Doesn't it figure?

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