Monday, March 15, 2010

Mocha Monday...

Yesterday I went to the bookstore with my mom and had a hot chocolate at the Starbucks that was inside. YUCK!!!!! It was the most disgusting hot chocolate I have ever tasted. Barnes and Noble actually owns the little cafe that is in the store, but the products are Starbucks brands. The chocolate was so bitter that I couldn't even finish it. Good thing I guess because there was an inch of it just sitting at the bottom. Yes...the more I drank, the worse it got. I guess being a barista, I really can't have a drink that someone else makes. It is almost like an art form....proper temp, quality product, MIXING the product, textbook foam and so forth. I am sure that I would have gotten a pretty dirty look if I told the poor girl to move over and let me do ;) Anyway, I decided that I needed an awesome hot chocolate to push that awful one out of my today's drink is...surprise a hot chocolate :) Now, I know it is not a Mocha without the espresso, but "Mocha Mondays" just fit and there is a whole world of cafe drinks to explore ;)

Tropical Hot Chocolate:

Torani Chocolate Sauce
Torani Coconut Syrup
Torant Banana Syrup
Steamed Milk
Topped with Whipped Cream and a Chocolate Drizzle may think this sounds gross, but it is delicious! There is just a hint of the flavored syrups so it won't make your teeth ache from sweetness :) Yum....going to make mine right now! Happy Monday to you!

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