Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Throwback Tuesday...

This is not the image that I had planned to post, but it will have to do. I couldn't find the one I was thinking of. It may be at my mom's. I will have to check into that because it is horrendous and hysterical :)

Are you ready to throw it back? Here we go!!!

Oh yes...the vellum pocket days...you know BEFORE we had special vellum adhesive (please see staples above)...lol! Come on now...I know you are jealous of my stunning grass photo background page, right? Remember when those were the rage? They had flowers of every kind, cork, brick, asphalt...ha ha...that reminds of another Throwback Tuesday candidate layout...oh yeah...it is funny...i will give you a little hint....it involves a homemade metal embellishment...lmbo!!!
The not-so-sure Supply List:
Vellum: QVC kit I think....who else was guilty at buying all of those up? I still have a ton of crap from those that I will never use...
Ribbon: Hmm...probably Michael's...they make great field lines eh?
Brads: I'm going with an Ebay lot on this one...
Mini stickers: still have a ton of these as well...I know they came from Michael's, but I just can't remember the manufacturer...I know you are bummed because you are pining for these right? Ha!
Staples: officially from my desk drawer...that's the best I could do with this...did you notice they are colored? Hollah!!!
Last week we had so much fun with a Question Of The Day that we do at SSC (QOTD for short). We had so much fun sharing our Retro creations...if you get a sec....check it out! Here is a direct link:http://simplyscrapping.ning.com/forum/topics/qotd-march-3-2010
So...my question to you is this...who is going to THROW IT BACK with me this week??? You can throw it back as far as you want...or can find ;) I am serious about this...if you dare (lol) link up your post to my comments...share with group :) I would love to see where your scrapbook roots came from ;) I will even link up all participants on next Throwback Tuesday's post...more blog exposure...we all love that right?
Throw girlies, throw!!!!


MiamiKel said...

OMG, I'm howling Pryn - YES! Guilty as charged with buying from QVC, rofl! But your page is really good ! It's a classic style with all the right elements in all the right places :) Nicely done!

Maureen Merritt said...

I love it pryn, those staples rock :)
I took the plung!!!

Yara said...

Love this! They are too good to store memorabilia. I remember, I did one, but many years ago!!

ThePurplePlace said...

LOL! You are a great writer! I wish I could play along, but I have not been crafting as long as some of you and most of my things are not very old!

I can say however, that I did buy a Few KITS from QVC (scrapbook kits) and have never even made One of them. Turns out I'm a much better card-maker than scrapper!


islandjacquelin said...

BAhahahaha - this is great - I have some truly hideous ones, so I am gonna dig one out and slap your challenge down on my blog, too! I am still laughing!!

Jennifer Pellegrino said...

hahahhahahaahhahah!!!! I love this!!!1 Oh yeah girl-bring on the real life "grass" papers! I still have them too! I thought it was IT then! Too funny! : )