Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Last day for voting...

I know you are probably starting to wear thin of my begging...lol :) I just am super excited because I have never participated in an online contest before. I almost let the stress get the best of this weekend, but my AWESOME friends whipped back into reality...thank you once again :) This is the last day of voting for the 3rd round. If we are blessed to make it through, there will be a new challenge starting on Wednesday. Our votes seem to be at a standstill, so if you haven't voted yet, would you please consider voting by this afternoon? For those of you who have voted I truly appreciate you and the confidence you have helped instill in me :) You really can't put a price on that!
Here is the link to vote:

Now for something else special..my friend Colleen has a post that will warm your heart and make you cry all at the same time. It is about sending cards for heros and their families. Here is a link to take you to it:
Can you help lift someone's spirits and make some cards to send? I know I will!!!


Amy said...

Pryn, if I could vote for you a hundred times I would lol!! I am posting it up on my bloggy again so hopefully you guys will get some more votes in!! I hope you make it to the next round but if you don't, you should be so proud to have made it through the first 3!! It's really a great honor!

I am going to check out Colleen's blog..and if I can help I totally will!

jillofallcrafttrades said...

voted times 3!good luck chicka!

A Cards Delight said...

Thank you so much for posting it Pryn. I voted for ya! I will place it on my blog now!

ThePurplePlace said...


This is wonderful and such a sweet and touching layout!

I love that you shared it with us!!


Maureen Merritt said...

I missed the last couple of days, sorry Pryn! How'd you girls make out?