Monday, April 19, 2010

It's that time again....WHOO HOO!!!

Thank you everyone for voting last week! We made it through!!!! This is the 4th round of 5. The number of votes (not views) determines who moves on. You can only vote ONCE this time. One team, one is getting TOUGH!!! This week's challenge was to use The Greeting Farm's stamps to make a candy wrapper. My teammate Lesley made this adorable display of chocolate roses. She stamped the actual wrappers too! Yes, you read correctly...LESLEY EVEN STAMPED THE WRAPPERS!!!! Isn't that awesome???? WAY TO GO LES!!! I ADORE IT!!!!

Here is Lesley's project:

Here are directions on how to vote. You must be registered to the site before you can vote. It is easy to do, free of charge and they do not send you any emails to clog your inbox :) I have included special instructions on signing up below...just scroll down a little :)
For those who have are already registered, please log in and copy and paste this link to go directly to my layout (there is a link to log in at the top right of the screen under the banner to log in):

Our team name is THE LOLLIPOP GUILD. For those of you who have not signed up to vote:
Go to Click Over 13 and Agree with the Terms and Conditions. Next, fill out the registration form and submit. You will be sent confirmation info to your email and you must click the link to officially be activated. Remember to check your spam folder if nothing comes should appear in minutes.

Once you are activated, go back to and login. Once you are logged in, COPY and PASTE this link to your browser to take you straight to The Lollipop Guild's entry:
All you have to do for your vote to count is comment under The Lollipop Guild's entry (the comment box is located at the bottom of the must click submit for it to register).

Thank you all so much for helping Tracey, Lesley and me. Each of these groups that are in this contest have a tremendous following, so we need all the help we can get. Please remember, you can vote only ONCE. Voting ends on Tuesday. I am not sure of the cut off time, so please get your votes in early if you can. Thank you for continuing to help with your votes! We really appreciate it!!!!

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Maureen Merritt said...

Yay! You made it through :) All that worrying for nothing!! See Pryn, you DO rock!!