Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Learning... I am trying to learn the ins and outs of Copic Markers, I decided to post my very first attempt at using them. I bought a set to start and now wished I would have just markers as I went along. Here I used the Y11, Y13 and Y15. This was the only combo of 3 that I had. I promise you that there is yellow in the patterned paper. It is just such poor lighting in my photo. I could try to dig the card out and retake it, but I am too lazy ;) I actually took a power nap today after work and I have woken up with what I think is the start of a sore throat. I am hoping that I am wrong, but since my hubby is sick right now, I am not ruling it out. There is that yucky sick taste in the back of my throat...YUCK! I really need to learn to rest better so that my body doesn't get attacked so much.

I am an overblender....I confess! The light source that I had was awesome and then I went to town blending and it is all but gone...sigh...practice, practice, practice.

I guess it is not too bad for the very first time. I am now up to faces and trying to get the shine down for hair. Here is a pic of some faces...please ignore the poor stamping and the awful hair and dress. I have since gotten some new marker combos to work with so I am hoping to practice away to some sort of non-embarrassing finished bodies with hair and clothing. It is all a process :)

How do you like those "just fed" vampire eyes? Ha ha! I told you my collection of Copics was limited....either that or I have Eclipse on the brain...I am so excited that everything is starting to look like a vampire...tee hee ;)

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Bev said...

you'll get it perfect with practice.. keep up the great work...stay in touch...hugs