Thursday, July 15, 2010

Voting for Maureen...

Hello peeps!!! I need your voting powers again! I love being a part of this crafting sisterhood. We all come together for each other in times of need :) My DT Sistah Maureen is trying out for a DT over at The Rubber Cafe and she is a finalist!!! Here is how it works...there are challenges on their blog for the next 3 weeks that you vote on. When the 3 weeks is up, 2 of the 6 finalists will be chosen for the DT positions. Let's get Maureen one of those spots!!! Are you with me? The best thing is that you do not have to join anything to vote! All you do is comment on the appropriate blog post. Easy peasy! Please vote here:

Also, stop by Maureen's blog and leave her some love...she is an AWESOME person!!!

I am hoping to have another post later today. I am so busy at work that I will have to push it off a bit. I guess when they say it is "Thirsty Thursday", they weren't kidding ;)

Love and Hugs to all :)

1 comment:

Maureen Merritt said...

Thanks! You are the best. I have been so blessed in meeting you and our other DT sistahs & the entire SSC community, muah!