Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Am I crazy...

or is this already shaping up to be a long week? I woke up today and thought...hmmm...it's only Tuesday? Ugh! I want to know who started this 5 day work week, 2 day weekend guideline? It should at least be 4 days work and 3 days weekend :) Now do not get me wrong....I feel very blessed that I work at all, let alone Monday through Friday. It is so scary how things in the job market seem to be getting worse. I say prayers for those and their families who cannot find work. I work for a small business and have reality hit me every day that my job could end. Reminder for the day...try not to take things for granted...appreciate and love what you have...even it is not what you may want.

K...got the tough stuff out of the way and it is only 7:55am...shaping up to be a good day :) It would be better though if I could sneak in a nap ;) I have not been sleeping well at all for the last 2 weeks and it is really catching up with me today. Wonder what my coloring is going to look like later this evening? Ha ha ;)

In the middle of all of these mortgage payments, utility bills, car payments, taxes...I thought for a second that I wish I were in high school again. Where the only bill you really had was your prom gown...lol. Then, I thought of the school work, the peer pressure, juggling school, work and athletics. I went back to being glad I am where I am...until I remembered the summer. Remember when you went to the beach with your family....and you could smell the ocean mixed with the smell of the boardwalk...you met a summer love that you promised to always stay in touch with...only to lose the phone number and address 1 week after being home? Eating boardwalk fries....pizza...salt water taffy...all without any repercussions? Back to mind come the hormones....the acne...the REALLY bad, frizzy hair...the awkwardness...hmmm...wait a minute...I am still dealing with 3 of those....it is nice to reminisce, but I have come to the realization that I would not be the same person with the same morals and heart that I am today. Definitely worth the sweat, tears and lessons learned. So to end that tangent...lol...I leave you with a card inspired by my "Peter Pan Syndrome"...literally...

"Forever Young":

This card was for the Copics Class Lesson 11 on Shadowing. The challenge was to use a provided sketch as inspiration.
Supplies Used:
Card: Michael's
Cardstock and Patterned Paper: Unknown (using up scraps)
Stamp: From the Never Ever set by The Greeting Farm; Close To My Heart
Ink: Memento Tuxedo Black (Tsukineko)
Die Cuts: Cookie Cutter Circles (Quickutz)
Other: Copic Markers, Metal Signage (Making Memories)

Close up of the shadowing... My shadowing was done with G0000 and does not photograph well at all because it is so light. I will have to get a darker color to do this with. I tried to darken the photo to help bring it out, but it didn't work. I also may have blended the edges a little too well...oops! I do promise you that the shadowing is there...faint as it may be. After all, Peter Pan did find his shadow ;)
Hope you are having a great week so far....faster than mine, but not too fast...boy, am I picky or what? lol :)


Angie Blom said...

fabulous card. love it!! you are not crazy.. the days are going by so fast I am never sure of what is going on. hehe

AGohl said...

You are totally not crazy! I sooo did not want to get out of bed this morning.... but then I remembered... Be thankful for the job that the Lord has provided you... and get yourself out of this bed!! (And then I proceeded to hit the snooze button one and a half times before I got up ;) )

Patti J said...

Great post today, Pryn! And after reading what you wrote, your card is absolutely PERFECT!!! Great job on your coloring! Hang in there, sweetie, and get some sleep!

Vera W. Yates (Ling) said...

How cute!! Love your coloring. Hmm.. I wouldn't wish for going back to my higschool. How bout college?? LOL. Highschool drama... do not miss that at all. :D

Clare said...

I LOVE Peter Pan, and your coloring is fantastic!
And yes, Pryn, you ARE crazy, but in a GOOD way and I LOVE you for it!! :)
I've been counting my blessings too - one of them being the fact that I'm homeschooled, and i don't care a fig about what I wear to school any day! ;) I still worry about my school, but I love it deep down (REALLY deep down! lol!)

And you know, I was thinking, I need your coffee shop name, so when I'm in Pittsburgh again, maybe I could drop bye! :)

LOVE YOU!!! :)

Amy said...

I love you too...OMG I hate not having my exclamation button...its like a part of me is missing...UGH so need a new keyboard and FAST. Anywho, love your card, you always do such an amazing job...And we are ALL crazy, most of the time lol...look at me, I am nuts ALL the time LOL...love you, talk soon