Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy Birthday baby!

Today BadaBing turns nine. Wow! Nine years have flown by. I have been so blessed with this dog. He is my first dog and I hit an out of the park home run with him. As I am sure you have already guessed...I am over the moon for this dog! Happy Birthday baby!

Yellow cupcakes...his favorite!

My mom has his sister. This year she came over to celebrate too.

Make a wish!

The art of eating a cupcake....first, you must lick the jimmies off of the top.

Next, you take a little nibble and savor the...forget it...bite the whole thing and see how much you can get it your mouth before your mommy tells you to slow down!

Side note: I thought this was kind of neat. Today I was Layout of The Day on We Scrap. It just so happened that it was a layout of BadaBing. Such a nice birthday surprise!

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Anonymous said...

oMG that dog is TOO cute - wah - I need a dog!