Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Romantic Lolli Flower Tutorial...

I may have tried this tutorial thing once before (isn't a shame that I can't remember that???), but there is a chance that this is my first official posting of one....complete with pictures, that is.

These lolli flowers are very simple to make...some of you may have already made them for various projects. I will be using these flowers on a love themed layout that I will post within the next two weeks. I am waiting to complete it until after my little black rain cloud (see Sunday's post) leaves.....lol ;)

I chose to use acid free copy paper from my computer for these particular flowers. Why not cardstock? I wanted 5 layers to each flower with a cluster of at least 3 flowers together and the cardstock was making them too bulky for my album. So, I chose to make them with the acid free copy paper because they were thinner and "softer". I do love them with cardstock as well....just for the record.

acid free copy paper or cardstock
non-stick craft mat (Ranger)
Archival Jet Black ink and various Distress Inks (Ranger/Tim Holtz)
Brads (Making Memories)
Paragraph Word Stamp (Tim Holtz)
Ink Blending Tool and Foam Squares (Tim Holtz)
Paper Piercer (Heidi Swapp)

Step 1: Take a few sheets of acid free copy paper or cardstock (I needed 3 to complete 5 flowers with 5 layers), whatever suits your needs. Choose a background stamp in which to "cover" your flowers with. I decided on a script font by Tim Holtz. It just looked warm and romantic which fit the mood of my layout. Before you stamp the entire sheet of paper, make sure that you have an ink that won't bleed when we color it further. I used the Archival Jet Black by Ranger. This ink also comes in other colors as well....there is a gorgeous Sepia color that would be perfect for heritage themed flowers...it looks grand!

Step 2: Trace and cut random circles in 5 different sizes per flower. There would be less circles to trace for less layers desired. I did not use a circle punch for this. I just free handed one set of circles and then traced the rest. I didn't even cut strictly with the pencil lines from my tracing because I love the lopsided non-uniform look. No 2 flowers are alike, correct?

Step 3: Choose 3 to 4 coordinating inks in which to color your freshly cut "petals" (or as many as you want). Choosing at least 3 really gives the end result flower a lot of contrast and definition.

Tim Holtz is one of my top favorite artists in this business, so you will find that I use a ton of his products....including his Distress Ink line. The colors I used were Worn Lipstick for my first layer, Spiced Marmalade for the second and Fired Brick for my final layer. All were applied with the Foam Bending Tool that he developed. Awesomeness at its finest :) Application can be pretty tricky because of the thin paper, but it wrinkles (Step 4) so nicely. I used a non-stick craft mat for easy clean up. I like how I can use my darker color and concentrate on the paper edges without having the worry of where the excess ink is going. Don't worry, so as not to disappoint, I still end up wearing most of it. Tim, if you are out there, any chance you can develop a non-stick bib...err, I mean, apron...for the helpless such as myself? Remember people...I am the girl who wears pop dots in her hair for accessories. Seriously...if you can't beat 'em, might as well join them...I'm tired of fighting with those dang things!

Step 4: After they have dried for a few minutes....wrinkle 'em up!!! Make sure to get each and every one of the circles you have cut out and then flatten them back out. This process can be done multiple times....especially if you are working out some frustrations...ha ha ha! Just be careful when flattening so as not to tear the paper!

Step 5: For added dimension, drag your ink pad lightly across your flattened crinkled "petal" with the ink of your choice.

I always choose the darkest color for extra pop and added grunge!

Step 6: Gather your petals to form your flowers. In my case, I needed to make sure that I had 5 different sized petals layered from largest to smallest at the top per flower.

Step 7: Take each flower pile separately and pierce through the center with a piercing tool (I love the tiny piercing by Heidi Swapp), hat pin or push tack. I left the tool in until I had my brad ready to go. Then, carefully holding the layers, I placed my brad through the hole and secured. Another option is too add bling or a button for the center. In these cases, you would have to secure each flower layer with adhesive before placing its center on.

Final result....a bouquet of romantic lollies :) You can also scrunch and primp each flower after adding the center to get it just the way you like it.

Hopefully this all made sense :) Layout to follow! I apologize for the lighting in some of the photos. The sun was going in and out on me, so I had to rely on my Ott light to help me out. If you you are planning on making some flowers of your own, I would love to see them. Just post me a link....I promise to check them out and leave comments :)
Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

excellent tutorial pryn! i love it-sometimes i use my tim holtz dryer after i crumple my flowers to dry it faster because i'm so impatient!



MiamiKel said...

Pryn, these are fantatic! Great photo line up and they turned out superb! TFS!

Bev said...

Pyrn... these are fabulouse flowers...great tutorial.. love it

{Sarah} said...

Wow girl, these look amazing!! Thanks for sharing!!

Angie Blom said...

totally awesome tutorial Kelly... I love the layers and the inking is awesome!! I have to make some more of these.. great paper too. thanks XX

Jamie the Smarty Pants said...

These flowers are gorgeous!!!!!!! I love your distress techniques !!

islandjacquelin said...

Way to go chickie - these are beautiful - great tutorial - can't wait for your next one;)

Maureen Merritt said...

Great tutorial, love your blog!

jillofallcrafttrades said...

oh this flower is just wonderful!thanks for posting a great tutorial!im now a follower!woohoo!

Anonymous said...

I love these flowers! I cant wait to use them im my next project!